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Today I Start a New Life

With new possibilities and fresh resolve to only be a force for good and a blessing to all I meet.

This is the time now, I know that I can start opportunities to change into a better and more creative person.

I will dream deeper, learn more, and find where I will serve best my communities, country, and world.

I will boldly seek love and peace and be a resource for positive change.

Working with key people I will create a way to serve people through research, information, and creative ideas.

Today I start a new life.

--- Bullion Grey 1998

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Self Portrait

Thoughts, Poems, Notes

Boy in Ruins

"The Boy who lives among the Ruins.

A therapy comic book."

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Bullion Grey Boy in Ruins

Notebook 52

"My new notebook number 52

What new ideas will land in these pages?

Let's find out!"

Bullion Grey Notebook 52

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Random thoughts, posts

ideas and notes to make you think or inspire.

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Bullion Grey Corkboard Notes

The Candle

A new collection of poems, thoughts, notes, images and sketches to bring light to dark places.

Bullion Grey The Candle Poems

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Wicked Land - Dreams I had

Wicked Land is a series of dreams I had over a period of 10 years. Each I have tried to relate as accurately as I can.

Bullion Grey Wicked Land Dreams

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Everything is equal in relevance.

Everything is Divinely endowed with
Significance of equal portion.

Everything is.