About Bullion Grey:

Who am I?

I am a single drop of water moving in a great waterfall. A spark in the Creative fire.

A divine being currently experiencing a human condition. I am perfectly, imperfect. Every foible, limitation, talent, or active genius, whether positive or negative, is perfectly apart of me. I am experiencing the great experiment, participating in the never-ending story. I am who I have chosen to be or I didn’t chose to be, but was decided for me, either way, called forth from Mystery into this current of Energy.…I am.

What do I want?

I want to ask this question frequently. I want to have love, friendship, and camraderie. I want to be good at what I do, and believe in what I do. I want an ever self-balancing good health. I want to create new ideas, new products, new services and new ways of utilizing my Brainstorm methods to ever increasingly add value to my community, and world.

What can I offer in exchange for what I want?

I offer the ability, developed skill, and gift of high-level Brainstorming. This includes inventions, new ideas, collections of ideas, opportunities, new options, new possibilities, new choices, different viewpoints, and a little crazy thinking. A love for people and all that is useful.

This offered to teach, inspire, instruct, and guide individuals wishing to access greater creative abilities, and within viewing distance of their unlimited potential. Unlimited potential always first is accessible by vision then through action. Brainstorming provides that opportunity to explore different modified visions, to examine closely scenarios of possible actions, resources, tapped contacts, made and projected outcomes based on these generated ideas.

Where can I learn what I need to know?

I ask myself this question frequently. At this time my learning materials are at the public library, Barnes & Noble, online, Spirit and meditation, and in the phonebook. Also any people I run into who seem at all knowledgeable. Much of my learning comes from experiential behavior, which is attempting to learn something by trying it. Often it appears when I need it.

What am I becoming?

There are two answers to this question. One that I’m becoming, is who I perceive myself as becoming. And two, that my perception of myself is not the reality, but reality through the filter of my imagination. With this in mind, I would say that I am becoming and remembering my true self, while having an ever evolving human experience, through the filter of my being. A spirit, in human form, having a multi diverse spiritual experience.

--- Bullion Grey

Bullion Grey Sky Mask

The Mask

The mask plays an important role in my work
As included in my work it is everywhere, all the time.
A blank Intelligence from which all emotion emerges.
With infinite viewpoints.
Looking out, looking in, watching from sky, even laying on grass or ground.
It is the symbol of the ever present Divine Infinite Creative Intelligence we know as Imagination.
The Originator of everything: The Mask of Imagination
-- dbgrey --

A little more about myself:

Imagination is a faculty of perception. I have spent my entire life not knowing that single bit of information up to a few years ago.

Yet imagination has been my friend, my companion, questioner, answer, savior, and my comfort as well as sometimes my terror.

I started out as an Ironworker and worked for about 200 companies. In between layoffs, firings (oh man did I get fired a lot), and unstable mental times I worked as a sales man for different products. Sold mobile homes, gas grills, gas lamps, plants, vacuum cleaners, raised funds for political candidates, and even did my share of non profit gigs.

Bullion Grey Light Dawns Gradually

Light Dawns Gradually
by Bullion Grey, part of the Santa Monica, California Literary Arts Collection of 2006

I also have been a volunteer for many years doing things like feeding the homeless, career coaching, teaching the ADA (Americans With Disabilities Act).

Also started & facilitated My own Disability Empowerment Groups for Korean (in Korean), Hispanic (in Spanish), as well as Developmentally Disabled communities. I also helped found the first Commission on Disabilities in Santa Monica, CA.

I have written, hand-bound 6 books of my writings.
In 2006, the Library of Santa Monica accepted my 6th book: "Light Dawns Gradually" into their Literary Arts Collection.

In 2008 I was resurrected from the dead and spent 3 days in a coma. I lost some functioning and had brain damage but I'm mostly intact.

The way it seems to me is I'm another, called forth from Mystery, to experience, observe, learn and teach in this dimension for a while.

As a result at this point I have created three other books:
1. An Awakened Understanding
2. How Do You Put A Star in the Sky?
3. Bullion Grey's Imagination Workshop Notebook

All gifts of Knowingness that have passed through my heart to other hearts growing & serving Source.

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