Who is Bullion Grey?

I am Bullion Grey and I am married and reside in California with my wife and my imaginary pet.

Over the years I have been able to put many of my thoughts in writing, some on paper, some online and I am offering my collection of thoughts to you to hopefully find inspiration, enjoyment and thoughts of your own.

What I am trying to do:

Help individuals to become more able to live happily within the global, regional, local community, while learning the new rules of this evolving era.

Assisting individuals to avoid feeling and/or being "just a number" in the innovation age, but rather becoming a participant in this innovative society.

Guiding individuals, companies, organizations in creative, meaningful, rewarding, interesting, satisfying relationships of cooperation and participation. Equipping and inspiring those I work with to live as students as well as teachers.

Finally, leave perpetual monuments of this ideal to expand and help more even when I am gone.

--- Bullion Grey