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Bullion Grey

Thoughts and Messages on Life

Over the years I have had many thoughts, some of which kept lingering in my head and wanted to be spelled out to be preserved for future generations.

My podcast collection is a small reflection of those thoughts and I am honored to be able to share them with you here.

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Once Upon A Planet:

What Have You Been up to?

What if it was my last day?

An Awakened Understanding

Flying My Kite

The Idea Suite

In the '80ies I dreamed this ...

Becoming Aware

A Bigger Canvas

Imagination's Message to us

12 New Ideas

Where Poets Meet

Consciousness as Film

Imagination part 1

Finding Self

Loves Angel Sings its Song

I Wrestled with a Statue

These Truths

God ... are You there?

The Shadow of a Common Place

Meeting God

Another Ordinary Day


Senseless Time

Imagine I Make a Clay Figure

Don't Know What I'm Doing