My Random Thoughtings:

Thoughts pop in my head and spread like notices on a cork board.

They multiply, they cover me.

Who placed them there? Where do they come from?

Are they organzied or random ... or randomly organized?


Rumination falls out by
verse, unbidden.
However, provokes dynamic understanding, and
entangled inspirations.

Our World

Was there an architect that before went on, to design
our collection of our
imaginary worlds?
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Hiking Eternity Mountain

I dreamed I was walking up
a path. Wondering how far
the path went, I imagined seeing myself from above
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The Creative Freewheeler

Sometimes the incessant ringing of the phone of distraction becomes a
barrier .... read more

The Short List

Expect goodness.
Invest your energy on significant things.
You don't need to prove yourself .... read more

My 3 Dimensional Self

My 3 dimensional self casts
a one dimensional shadow. Makes me wonder how
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Think Miracles ...

If we are here living without expectation of Miracles, then what are we doing? Are we not living .... read more


Is always ongoing, our inner conversations are with
ourself and .... read more

of Higher Degree

If one is Here they, at
some level of Higher
Degree, have been Invited Here .... read more


An Openness, Eternal
structure in lows & highs,
an Ocean of possibilities
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Revelation of the Light

Encoded in the darkness is
the revelation of the light.
Seeing darkness is a form of
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How do Blood Cells know?

A tiny blood cell made it to my little toe. How it got
there I do not know.
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A teacher named Poonja

I finally succumbed to the
pull to visit a teacher in
India named Poonja
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This day of your Life

Derek, I believe God wants you to know that this is probably a good time
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A Young Man's Path

I told a young man just last week these words:
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Your Next Thought

Even though it's our own thought, not only can we
not predict our next thought
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Life as a Garden

Everything, every part of
us is represented in every
element in the garden.
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It's The Game

I'm driving in this small
town, it is about 1955. The
radio is reporting talks with
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The Miles Report

The best ideas and infor- mation we need comes to
us like tiny grains, grains
of sand. .... read more

Bullion Grey to Sunflower

While sometimes it's the thought before action, a deliberate creative act
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4 Lessons of Self Knowledge

You are your own best teacher. You know what
you lack and what you need more

Opening the Gates of Heaven

I played piano yesterday as
if I was opening the gates
of heaven with each note.
I had more