The Candle:

Entities of Light

Entities of Light

I met angels, celestial agents of Grace, spoke with a few Shamans, once I chatted with an Oracle.

I intuited solutions from entities of Light, soothed by friendly, wise spirits - not knowing why. How I could be worthy, privilege to listen and share with what I think are superior Energies?

Momentary thoughts whisk by, hinting perhaps that we as humans are cleverly disguised Energies (of varying depths and levels), existing with beliefs formed first by action-reaction, cause and effect from birth.
Then living in a sort of amnesia, plopped in this place, without directives or known purpose. Operating with false beliefs, inaccurate knowledge, assumptions and ideas; all inherited from our cultures, parents and times.

Is it possible that we are the Oracles, Angels, Shamans, entities of Lights, wise spirits testing ourselves?

Are we expanding our experience of awareness by cosmic experimenta- tion?

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