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Since the beginning of planned education there has been a sort of snobbery about what should be taught, where one should get their credentials and who one studied under. The following is opinion.

Today we live in a supernova of learning possibilities (just started) about the last 20 years or so. For generations there have been those, in small numbers which the “educated” deemed remarkable and prodigies. They, the bantering educated, saw that each person who fit into their model of what a “remarkable” person with gifts is. (Many I am sure who were remarkable but just didn’t fit the set model from arbitrary standards of obscure and famous opinions.)

Ours is the Psychozoic Age - the age of the mind. For the first time in human history we have been able to educate ourselves in the subjects we choose, at the speed we choose to learn. The realization of self education has been for the minor few, in the complete history of humanity and awareness expanding experience. However, humanity’s need to be herded. Also following a leader; and it has had its greatest downside on education. In this author’s opinion has been the single greatest restraint on the expansion of humanity itself in its understanding, it’s abilities, and technologies.

The ancient idea is that we need a hero, (a popular song was out for many years with the title: I Need A Hero). The millions of books sold, talking about the golden highlights of becoming a leader, or becoming one’s own hero are cliché today. Each day it becomes more apparent that the hero we are looking for, the leader we wish to follow, can only be found within our self. Just a look at human history can see the majority of leaders or individuals were hero's to themselves. But Culture and those stuck in the past, taught the youth and the up to the present, that they need a hero or leader to follow. The best definition I’ve heard is that everyone must be institutionalized, categorized, compartmentalized, and able to recite the similar readings, music, and history.

Today thanks to the Internet and the individuals marking new boundaries in knowledge and wisdom and skill we no longer have to submit to ancient tradition. Tradition is merely a parody of what has gone before. Like the parrot in the cage repeating its owner’s words over and over without any understanding of the what or why.

From the time where a very young we are taught that traditionally we are to follow the exact rules and guidelines. Anyone who diverted from tradition in any country or culture on this planet were 99% of the time, rejected. Sure there were exceptions sometimes they were funny people, they were exceptions. Sometimes they sang quite well or they wrote interesting things and they were given exception to the rule. But overall, it was tradition and culture that molded the future generations by the casts of past generations.

Wars of words or bombs or guns too many to count, were fought over simple ideas of spirituality, religion, tradition, the struggle to keep things status quo. I for one believe that this is now fading away. We don’t need to be told what to believe, what to think. If we choose not to celebrate a yearly traditional holiday, it is not anymore a major issue for most of us. Sure there are the holdouts that are still around the world trying to get everybody to walk lockstep together in tradition, but I think this slowly is fading away.

If you are one such individual reading this today and wish to learn from your experience of the past rather than just following the past, then perhaps this might be useful for you. This might be the start of something great in your life. Because we can learn from the past but, we must also free our consciousness to be able to absorb the new information, new knowledge, new experience and new creations of humanity.

The following are a few ideas on becoming a self educating person. To begin with a person who wishes to direct their own learning, comprehension and understanding, needs to have a way to retain information and knowledge. That is why a self educating person must always have a paper notebook and pen handy. In addition a self educating person needs to develop a sense of direction for their learning. It is recommended however that you try and learn a little bit about a lot of things and subjects, however it makes sense to pick several industries, to become an expert practitioner in those industries.

I would think that a self educating person would want to work on all aspects of their life. Spiritual, social, psychological, emotional, physical, career, finances, hobbies etc.

Unlike traditional learning though, the knowledge that would be gathered by the self educating person would come from many diverse sources both past and current. For example, if one were to be working on their spiritual life, a self educating person would read from many of the ancient writings of religious denominations and/or sects. A study of the vast quantity of spiritual information from around the world would be the most advantageous approach for the self educated person. Likewise any other areas of Life one would follow such a pattern of knowledge/info diversity sourcing.

I think that probably avoiding a college or university education would be to the advantage of the self educating individual, really. Not everyone, but for the truly self educating individual.

--- Bullion Grey

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