A teacher named Poonja

Bullion Grey translucent revolution

"I finally succumbed to the pull to visit a teacher in India named Poonja. Within a second of entering the room he simply asked me "Who is the one trying to become free? Who are you really?"

It took me a few days to catch on.
I woke up in my hotel room trying to find me for the first time. There was nothing there. Where the solid I should be was only open space, peace, always and eternally free. This was a realization that had always been true. This sudden insight.

I stayed for about a year. He asked me to go to the West be a teacher. "You must be joking." "Yes", he laughed, "the truth is a great joke, you must go and share it with your friends."

--- Arjuna Ardagh

The Translucent Revolution

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