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A Young Man's Path

Bullion Grey A Young Man's Path

"Remember, when you have exhausted all possibilities, you haven't."
---- Thomas Edison

I told a young man just last week these words:
"....don't hesitate take action in the dynamic spiritual life you were meant to live. You are here because Mystery has called you into this realm. You would not exist if it wasn't for the fact that you must exist, that you were called to this life."

And you like always you're taking it literally by making the moves you told me. Congratulations on your self-appointed promotion from whatever job you had to the next that you will get!

Maybe you can run a Spiritual Education program for one of your local hospitals or charities?

Or start an online spiritual book loan education program?
Or become a Spiritual Partner matchmaker?
Or start a antiques consignment sales effort from your home?
Or you could start a recycled flower petal to pourie program where you take flower petals from flower shops (thattheythrowaway) in your town and put them together in little satchels and make nice smelling clothing in the drawers?

Let me know I'll brainstorm with you for new ideas..... click here to email me

Creatively yours,

--- Bullion Grey / Imaginateur

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