From Bullion Grey to Sunflower

Bullion Grey Imagination

"While sometimes it's the thought before action, a deliberate creative act opens the floodgates of new creative thought. Sometimes the experience of running-a-wry, can bring on a sort of virtuosity of creativity. This then becomes the groundwork for a completely new life of abundance."
--- --- ----- Bullion Grey

Sunflower said:
Funny that you always seem to have the right tenet or vignette that aligns with what is going on in my life at the moment. I love that about you! I am currently running amok, with no direction or passion for anything. I quit my job recently because the stress was destroying my health. I'd hoped it would open a door to something new, but I find myself oddly recalcitrant. Of course that is my usual mo, but it's particularly strong right now. Thus I think I need to focus on thinking a "new life of abundance" whatever that might be.

--- Bullion Grey

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