The Creative Freewheeler

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Sometimes the incessant ringing of the phone of distraction becomes a barrier that's insurmountable while trying to Create the important things in life. Victor Hugo wrote "Short as life is, we make it still shorter by the careless waste of time."

It seems sometimes the sole purpose of life is held back by the meaningless things that crowd our mind's. It must be our effort to tame the tiger of garbage to allow better new and powerful ideas into our life.

The mission of the creative freewheeler is to bring new things to life, both ours and others that are in our world. While procrastination is not deliberate, and distractions not planned, we must imagine the magic of management to optimize our creations.

As we move from project to project we gather a kind of ongoing review in our notebooks. Often we return to a project 10 or more times in the year, but it will be the 10th time that will make the difference.

One thing that I have discovered is that when I write and review my writing it helps me in many ways that are unpredictable at the time. And by posting ideas, projects, future desires of creation, it provides a type of fuel to keep them alive in my heart and mind. I think one part of the benefit is that people respond to your thoughts after they read them. And these responses help fan the flames of creation.

Also it is a great help to try and hone in on your greatest purpose for life. It sounds hokey and cliche that's because it's true; that once you know where you want to go, you can find a way to get there. Even things subtle as changing my "to do list" to my "create list" benefits one in many ways. Make that one change and you'll see what I'm talking about.

I have a sign on my wall next to my study desk it reads "any reason not to go for it?". And not surprisingly there's always the answer no. There's no reason not to go for it. Everything says go, do, create, become, in my world.

And if my project is important then I am willing to put out even money to pay others to help me create it. It is a productivity secret it seems, that we need to invest in our own ideas by the hiring experts and labor to fulfill completion of our ideas.

The first time that I actually learned this in practice, was during the development of my Thrift Shop Guide to Los Angeles. The tedious task of developing the data and compiling it in a coherent form held me back for months. Then I saw an ad from a student from the local college who was asking for part time typing work.

Less than seven weeks later all my data was compiled and ready for publication, and it only cost me a fist full of dollars. And those were the last dollars I would see for a while.

Although it's never complete I am taming the Tiger of garbage. And I'm gaining steam and momentum in all my projects. Ongoing are notes flowing freely from my imagination paper about my observations setbacks and ideas for advancement. These include the notations of hired subcontractors to do the artwork, the publicity, maintenance of my web presence, and distribution of my content.

And though I am still in transit to my destination, I know where I want to go and I'm discovering as I go, how to get there. The creative freewheeler turns the page.

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"While sometimes it's the thought before action, a deliberate creative act opens the floodgates of new creative thought. Sometimes the experience of running-a-rye, can bring on a sort of virtuosity of creativity. This then becomes the groundwork for a completely new life of abundance."

--- Bullion Grey

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