How do Blood Cells know?

Bullion Grey How do Blood Cells know

A tiny blood cell made it to my little toe. How it got there I do not know.

It has no map, as far as I can see; it navigates thru my veins with astonishing accuracy.

That same tiny blood cell made it to my heart, from my little toe. How did it get there, this I do not know.

Dear reader,
A while back I was watching a show on health. The program happened to show a close up of blood veins & blood cells shooting along with perfect circulation at every turn.

The question popped into my thought, how does every blood cell know where to go?

As I watched in detail blood cells speeding down the freeways of our bodies the realization came. Blood Cells don't carry maps and don't have brains. Yet in a healthy body each knows when to turn and where to go!

Then it was made clear to me that if we would run water through tubes of rubber connected w/various sizes, & connections, just like our veins, it would be a mess.

Some places there would be congestion & other places there would be a lack of water.

It is a Mystery how our blood cells know where to go every second of everyday.

That's what my doctor told me anyway.
So I wonder still: how did it make it to my little toe?

--- Bullion Grey

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