It's The Game

Bullion Grey It's The Game

A Dream I Had in 1990....

I'm driving in this small town, it is about 1955. The radio is reporting talks with the Russians about peace agreements. I feel a little disorientated wondering what is going on.

I pull up to a gas station to fill up. I'm putting together a few things in the back of my jeep, when I remember I'm in an advanced Game. I can't mention it to anyone because they won't believe me anyway. Then I remember there are others in the Game as well and they are aware that they are in this 'Game'. There’s a woman buying some fabrics, I wonder is she a player? Looking around at other people I wonder who is in the Game?

The thought intrudes in my mind: am I from this time? I feel it is important to complete every task so I can play in more fun and complex Games.

In a sudden moment I see a Hand come out of nowhere, the air, to put a special plastic device over my arm at this same time a doctor is about to vaccinate me with a syringe. The needle doesn't touch me, though the doctor doesn't notice, only I am aware.

I remember now I must complete my tasks, then I can return to 'my time' and again be sent back, after I receive my score, if I am scored well, to return to another time.

My dream ends.

--- Bullion Grey

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