Bullion Grey Openness

An Openness, Eternal structure in lows & highs, an Ocean of possibilities stretch forth before my eye's.

Circumscribed flexibility within my beating heart, clue me in, we are more than where we start.

Beautiful and profound in a transformative Soul, experience holy ground and skies, existence as a Whole.

Holding the cosmos within my hand, color, breath and sound, from where I stand. Ever changing, ever opening hues of Dream, intuiting an idea, All a good thing.

From where I am is the brightest thought, we can call forth anything that we want.

Perfectly, imperfect. That's the definition of our world. Else, how could confidence hide in hope, love and inspiration, or sugar in my coffee? How could wind that blows through the trees, pass through my heart? How could God height in us, and we not know?

--- Bullion Grey

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