Revelation of the Light

Bullion Grey Revelation of Light

"Encoded in the darkness is the revelation of the light. Seeing darkness is a form of illumination. Like C. G. Jung, the great doctor of the soul reminds us, we become enlightened by making the darkness conscious."

Jung writes, "Light has need of darkness, otherwise how could it appear as light?"

"I am actually en-acting my dream, and am changing the ending, as if doing living active imagination.
[viii] How the waking dream unfolds from here on is truly up to us."

"It’s always interesting to me when I have a dream in which the two seemingly separate worlds, the dream-world and the seemingly ‘real’ world, intersect."

"[vi] Etymologically speaking, diabolic means that which separates, divides and dis-integrates; the antonym is symbolic, which means that which unites, connects and integrates. Symbols are the language of dreams. This is to say that the antidote to the diabolic evil that is playing out in our world is symbolic awareness, which is to realize the dreamlike nature of our situation."

--- Paul Levy &

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