The Miles Report:

Bullion Grey The Miles Report

The best ideas and information we need comes to us like tiny grains, grains of sand.

Each little grain, tile of the mosaic tells the story that we need to know, the ideas we need to hear, a greater understanding.

I found it quite useful that every little piece of information is thrown my way, to carefully consider its value not only now but in the bigger picture later. This is one of those fragments, tiles, grains of sand.

80% of all tests you take will be based on your ability to read and write. One of the first things a teacher looks for is the writing skills of their student. From this assessment a teacher can make great leaps of understanding of where the student is and where they need to be.

Writing makes you appear much more intelligent than you really are. It also helps you to communicate so that you can do the groundwork for your promotion for your next ascension....

Also to clarify one's thoughts one must write them down. Writing is so much more than just putting ink to paper. It's like having a thoughtful conversation with the silent inner self.

In the interest of insight,

--- Bullion Grey / Imaginateur

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