Wicked Land

Dead Rock by Bullion Grey

Wicked Land Dreams:

Dead Rock

I'm sitting in my oasis, one that I’ve had for long time. I'm in subtle solitude, yet not lonely. I enjoy the green lushness of my desert oasis. As I lay there thinking about nothing particularly at all, I notice that the edges of my oasis are starting to turn the color of the sand, in the distance.

Slowly my oasis begins to shrink and I find myself now standing in the middle of the mud puddle in a giant desert with no people, nothing just sand. I jump up and in slow motion, as I splashed down into the small mud puddle, somehow I slipped down through the earth, sliding down through rock and sand, gravel, I come to a stop.

I realize moments later that I am entombed in my own bed rock, which is to say dead rock.


"The use of imagination is the use of the highest of intelligence you have."
---- Brian Tracy