Wicked Land

Fur Pajamas by Bullion Grey

Wicked Land Dreams:

Fur Pajamas

Maybe abstracted from some Source I’m not able to know completely, but... I was within a field, walking slow, in the twilight of the day when the night becomes, and day leaves without a sound. Not a rebel, nor a man, but be some furry creature, that moves stealthily about, while searching for food amidst a sea of night.

The expedition of nocturnal survival, moving beneath night time clouds. No plans nor knowledge nor need of accomplishment, just living - just living, just...living. I admire my fur pajamas, which I always wear, and I feel so powerful, with each step. I may be of the abstracted, not exist, but only here, that it self is an existence.

As I walk farther across dark forest floor, farther away, panning up to the sky, awakening with the sunshine in my cats eye.


"Those who lose dreaming are lost."
- Australian Aboriginal proverb