Wicked Land

Someone To Loom Over Me by Bullion Grey

Wicked Land Dreams:

Someone To Loom Over Me

I'm dreaming in deep of night, nothing in particular of course, just dreaming. Ever so quietly I hear words being spoken to me. At first I can’t make out what’s being said. It's a man's voice calmly reading it seems.

But I'm dreaming and, I'm so tired, that I resist conscious examination of this man's voice calmly reading to me. But the reading goes on interrupting my dreaming so intrusively, I'm finally forced to draw out of my deep slumber. As the voice gets louder, I start to recognize the words. These words are mine. I have written these words many years ago.

And now I’m starting to become conscious, I know this because I'm beginning to realize that I am laying in my bed, next to my wife, who is vast asleep

What is this shadow I see against the wall? It is the shadow of a man sitting on a chair, in a chair next to me…next to me sleeping in my bed! Now I realize as I awaken, that there is a man sitting in a chair reading my last published book, out loud, but I don’t realize this in the full sense.

It is a partial outline of a strange event, so strange that it shocks me into action. I spring from my bed in stoned surprise, believing that perhaps his next move will be to kill me or my wife or both of us. So I lunge towards his neck. In one complete movement, we crash against the bedroom wall breaking the wooden chair. As we, in slow motion move towards the corner of the room, I am looking at his face close-up. I realize just as we hit the floor this man is our priest at church!!

Stunned - my emotions as well as my complete consciousness, masticated. I jumped backwards up to my feet. My wife turns on the light and screams "what's going on?" she looks to the corner of the room on the floor, and screams in horror. I pick up the phone which lays on the floor beeping, and dial 911.

The police arrive with detectives, one of them pulls me aside. Interviews me as to what took place. I explain in detail over and over the actual event, tragedy, horror. The detective is incredulous. I can tell from his eyes he seems somewhat doubtful as to what I'm telling him. But I'm telling the actual strange truth. Other officers are taking pictures in the bedroom from different angles. Flashbulbs going off, mumbling in the background.

An officer walks up to the detective, whispers something in his ear and hands him a key. This key turns out to be my apartment key, but it was found on the dead priest in my bedroom.

I can see outside the open front door from our second level deck, the sun is rising over the city, it will be a somewhat cloudy today. But for me it is a day without description, without understanding. Because this is the day after I discovered my priest reading my book to me making critical comments and jokes at 4:30 a.m. in my bedroom, to me while I slept. Later it's discovered that he has been doing this for some time. Apparently he made a copy of our apartment key months ago. Over many months, had been entering our apartment - while we were asleep, and apparently walking around our apartment in the dark. For some strange, bizarre and yet unknown reason. Ends with him seated next to me, almost looming over me as I slept, reading many passages from my book.

As the coroner comes to pick up the priest's body, and slowly each detective and officer leaves my apartment, another priest knocks on my door. He asked If I'm OK and offers to pray for me. "I am quite fine thank you" and I close the door on him. I’m going to take this day off.


"I think dreams come from the universe."
---Matthew Fox