Wicked Land

The Square Like No Other by Bullion Grey

Wicked Land Dreams:

The Square Like No Other

I see a square, a square like no other Square I have ever seen. The Square has an outline of blue, with the radiance of yellow from the outer edges. Within the squares there's nothing but white, and more white.

And then I see as if it is a movie screen, the square becomes vertical. I hear the crackling of celluloid, slipping through projector and I can tell the black-and-white image of the film is about to begin. Within the Square I see many images of people in cities in years gone by, cars passing by.

I see close-ups of daisies growing in the middle of intersections, where busy cars pass. I see blackness with tiny stars glimmering in the distance. Within the square and only within the square I feel a great resonance of hope. The square's blue line turns darker blue as it disappears.


"Dream time is a return to the cosmic soup of all potential
the embodiment of silence so that we can regenerate heal and bring forth magnificent ecstatic awakening in a new expression of the light energy we call life."
---Connie Kaplan