Wicked Land

Walking in a Letter by Bullion Grey

Wicked Land Dreams:

Walking in a Letter

I found myself walking in a letter, written by an ancient, that spoke of the sky full of birds; loudly flapping in unison, hundreds if not thousands, slipping across the sky, together.

As I looked down I could see a strange brown sarcophagus in the weeds. I dust away the dirt, I see a lock that has rusted so much, that when I pull on it, it breaks into brown dusty fragments in my hand. I opened the latch and now I pulled open the flimsy metal door. Inside I find cobwebs and a startling view, a Mummy. The Mummy is holding a bottle of champagne, and it is also covered with ages of dust.

As I grab the bottle of champagne from the mummy’s grip, the hands and arms break apart, releasing a pungent melodious odor. In fascination in the past, the deep past, I hold the champagne bottle in one hand as I stare at the mummy.

As I look closer I can see the emblem of a dragon on the fore head of the mummy. As I dust it off I realize it is thinly layered with gold. Trying to grasp at it, to pick at it, to pull it from the wrapping of the Mummies head.

At that moment the mummies eyes open, lids separating the bandages just enough so I can see the jewelled beautiful eyes of this past person. It lays there as I am very scared and jump back, but it doesn’t move. I then begin to peal off the tiny and slight emblem of the golden dragon off the mummies forehead. I strangely eat it as soon as I get it off. I don’t know or understand why, just wanted to eat this golden object of antiquity.


"Dreaming like rivers we meet in the sea.
There the waters all know us and we know where the sea does not end."
---Russell Salamon