Wicked Land

Wicked Land by Bullion Grey

Wicked Land Dreams:

Wicked Land

I'm walking along, it seems like night, I'm in a strange place that I have never visited before. In the hazy darkness, I can see houses lined up along winding streets. But these homes are different, they're painted in strange patterns and colors, in their architectural designs defy gravity as well as the laws of balance and harmony. I'm struck by this and stare at them intensely.

As I stare at each house, walking along the street, in an abrupt moment I'm accompanied by a woman. She's slender and in a long dark blue dress that stretches to her ankles. It seems to be made of velvet. She's tan, and her face is different. Her eyes are very close to her hairline on her for head, but they're beautiful green, sparkly, deep. Her nose is small and gentle, in the center of her face, along with her small mouth just below her nose.

As we walk along I feel as if she's a friend of some sort, may be from the past. We chat as we walk. As we round the corner, I see on the side of the sidewalk, a full-grown black cat giving birth to another full-grown black grayish cat. But I see that the birth is not normal, as the birthing cat falls from the stomach of the other cat straight to the ground and gets up. I look to my companion who’s walking with me with some concern on my face. She laughs and says "Yes, that cat gave birth".

Then without warning out of the corner of one eye I see passing behind us what appears to be at first a man walking with a cane, top hat, in black double-breasted coattail suit. But then I notice under the hat it is a walking thumb. Walking regally with his cane, walking down the street away from us. I am astonished. I have no words to say. Strange little furry creatures dart about the street, some darting closely in the corner of my eye.

I ask where am I? She tells me you are in Wicked Land.
I ask what is Wicked Land??
She told me it's a place between life and the other side, where the unformed, yet formed and deformed exist. Then the unexpected... The lady who accompanies me all of a sudden gets right in my face; with both hands she holds me by my cheeks, just inches away from my nose, and says to me "Maybe that's why Gerhardt was the way he was, he never got to go to Wicked Land?".

At the moment I think to myself that it makes sense - as everything quickly disappears, my eyes open and I am staring at my staccato ceiling, its 4:30 a.m. and I’m wide awake.


"The more conscious you become,
the more you will be able to have dreams worth having."
---Sri Aurobindo

I am Awakening
I am Awakening - I am beginning to understand
I see the green grass and the message is grow
I feel the warmth of the morning sun
- the message is I love you warmly
The ocean waves whisper to me - persist.
The wind teaches me there are powerful unseen forces.
The rocks show me to be unmovable in my purpose.
The birds call to me fly!
My soul stirs my slumbering senses - and I am Awakening.
I am beginning to understand.

Dreams hint of other dimensions.

--- Bullion Grey